Friday, 14 December 2007

Tis the Dawning of Ass..

To begin with I'd like to focus on the word Ass, just for this first post:

Ass has become such a beautiful word to me...

no, no, hear me out...

I use it when I can't be bothered using stronger words..

e.g. "What the Ass are you talking about?"

I have learnt to say it with enough conviction for others to question whether it is actually a socially accepted expression or not..

e.g. "You failed? Oh man, that's ass..."

The word itself can be disguised as the word "as" when caught off guard by nearby puritans or religious representers..

The phrase "Pure Undiluted Ass" is pure gold...

For special occasions I tend to whip out the "What the assing ass is assing going on?" without sounding too offensive..

I bet you've never read the word ass so many times in such a short space-

Welcome to All that is and is not Ass...