Sunday, 3 August 2014

What time is it? Suspiciously inappropriate content time!


Kids cartoons are always riddled with jokes intended for adult consumption, I guess so parents can appreciate watching the cartoons with their kids or so that the creators don't tear their eyes out from producing some of the kiddy drivel that's out there. Have you sat down and watched the old Looney Toons or other cartoons you used to watch as a kid now as an adult? There are some real adult situations being packaged with bright colours and cute characters so children don't notice that they have no clue what's going on plot wise.

Adventure Time is no exception - it's like the Ren and Stimpy of my generation where we would watch it, laugh with it and collect the stationery and the McDonalds figurines and then. . . Lost. Our. Minds. Completely. when we watched it as adults because that show is mad fucked.

Here are a few examples of the kind of themes and situations found in Adventure Time that imply the creators know exactly what they're doing but parents letting their kids watch the show and buy them the paraphernalia - have probably never paid too much attention to it.

BMO deleting his files and reacting like a drug abuser.
It's not just the act of deleting his/her files and giggling like a maniac - it's the fact that before he/she does the deleting, he/she looks around the tree house and finds a hidden spot under a bucket to carry out his/her business, shame and addiction from an androgynous machine.

Xergiok and his obsession with spanking hams
No explanation, the dude is just really into spanking hams.

The episode The New Frontier
Basically this episode is about Jake having a "Croak Dream" in which he believes he prophetically dreams about exactly how he is going to die . . . And resigns to let destiny take its course. The episode involves Finn trying to stop the event from happening and Jake getting angry at Finn for not letting him die in peace.

Bounce House Princess

Princess Bubblegum implying she didnt lose her virtue to an evil deer
This has no roundabout explanation - she said this and Finn was understandably taken aback because well. . . It's a fucked up thing to say, PB.

God Complexes
Princess Bubblegum is constantly creating and modifying the candy people to her whims which is weird enough and then she created the Goliad with DNA from one of her own teeth. The Goliad eventually becomes ruthless and heartless because of misguided advice from Finna and Jake and has to be kept in line by another PB created creature made from the DNA of Finn, Stormo.

Another God complex episode is when the seriously mad Magic Man gives Finn a bag of little versions of all the characters in Ooo. Finn goes crazy for over 3 months mixing and matching all the little creatures romantically just to see how each one would react - SPOILER : it gets weird. Think cheating, crying, threesomes, spankings, etc.

If you've watched the show - you'll know that her whole character is a massive WTF.
All the GILFY things that Treetrunks says coupled with her creepy Blanche Dubois accent - this character is super unnerving (especially her relationship with Pig).

Tier 15 - metaphor for sex
Jake is explaining the levels of intimacy in relationships to Finn (largely based on his own experience with Lady Rainicorn).
This is also funny because not long after this episode, Jake impregnates Lady Rainicorn.

Basically anything Lumpy Space Princess says
Not to mention the episode "Gotcha" where she attempts to write a trashy novel about how she can seduce Finn.

Finn's saucy dreams about Flame Princess and the Ice King
They never refer to them as wet dreams but they manifest after Finn witnesses his girlfriend, Flame Princess battle it out with the Ice King and involve Finn getting blasted in the crotch and butt with fire by Flame Princess. This is also an example of Finn being somewhat turned on by violence.

Embryo princess (creators freely quoting her original name was going to be Abortion Princess)
I'll be honest - this one freaked me out when I first noticed it and more so when I found out her original name.

That time that Cake thinks Prince Gumball has tried to rape Fionna
This is one of the reversed gender fan fiction cooked up by the Ice King.
Prince Gumball doesn't really try to rape Fionna of course but Fionna gets her dress all ripped up by the Ice Queen posing as Price Gumball just as Cake walks in.

Freaky Ice King
Most of the things uttered by the Ice King are either misogynistic, desperate or just generally cringe worthy. Later in the series it is discovered that his crown is actually cursed and makes him the crazy character he is after the prolonged exposure to the curse. Still, weird scenes to witness on a "children's show". E.g. Accidentally getting tied up in power chords and saying "You know, I kinda like bein' tied up in these cords. Kinda freak-aaaayyy!"
There is so much to say about the Ice King that deserves its own post really.

Peppermint butler, his evil ways and the fact that no one seems to notice or care. . . 
When he tells Finn and Jake he wants their flesh and that he will take it from them in their sleep Pep But Flesh

When he's the only one that can tell that Princess Bubblegum has been possessed by the Lich

When he's conducting a demon possession on Cinnamon bun

He knows the ritual to travel to the Land of the Dead

Aaaand he apparently used to be caddy to Hansen Abadeer - The Lord of the Nightosphere (hell dimension)

This scene :

The Mushroom War
The incredibly Science Fiction element of the entire Adventure Time universe having been the outcome of a nuclear war 1000 years in the past

There are so many more aspects of this show that are so inappropriate, this list could literally be 10 times longer - don't get me wrong, I freaking love this show. . . but I have a sick and twisted sense of humour . . . And I'm almost 30. 

This ain't no Peppa Pig, people, all I'm saying is if you let your kids watch this - don't be surprised if they start talking about creating creatures with DNA and spanking hams (my nephew has actually said both these things to me which I thought was pretty awesome).

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