Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pretty Soldier Buffy Summers

I used to watch Sailor Moon every morning before school when I was 10 years old (on the retrospectively messed up cartoon show Agro's Cartoon Connection). It introduced me to Anime, fantasy, a monster of the week and prolonged sexual tension between characters. Then came Buffy when I was 14 - holy shit, everything I loved about Sailor Moon in people form! 

Anyway, after a few seasons of Buffy I realised why I had taken to it like an old quilt - for the first few seasons - Sailor Moon and Buffy have almost the same story line :

A vacuous teenage girl reluctantly agrees to become a soldier against the powers of evil.

She begins under the guidance of an ever exasperated mentor.

She gradually builds up a squad of warriors with varying degrees of powers.

And later on, procures a younger whinier version of herself.

She also becomes involved with a brooding older guy who she originally can't stand but realises that she is in love with.

Despite him also having a deep dark secret.

The boyfriend gives her a promise ring before a long trip.

He then turns evil.

But of course, she finds a way to get him back.
However this happy period does not last long. . . 

To be honest - I kind of lost interest in Sailor Moon after Chibi Moon comes into the mix (I would have completely lost interest in Buffy when Dawn comes into too if it wasn't for the separate Angel TV series that overlapped sometimes).

Mostly, as an impressionable pre/teen girl, I just wanted to wake up one day and have a talking cat or an English librarian tell me I was something special. . . But not in creepy way.

When I was searching for pictures for this entry I came across some other articles that deal with the same comparison (I didn't actually think I was the first person to think this)

Buffy Studies Minor Tumblr - passing tumblr comment about the comparison.
Carlos Lovely Carlos Tumblr - original passing tumblr comment about the comparison.
Partly Drawn take - although a good article, it uses all of the Whedon verse characters to draw comparisons from which is a bit of a cheat.

Monday, 21 April 2014

Cthulhu - the protector?

Pregnancy feels like I'm going to whiz and then my heart is going to fall out of my butt

Lets get this straight : I am NOT A girly girl.

I know how trendy it is to say that these days with girls being all :

But honestly that ain't me.

However, as I am currently 5 and a half months pregnant - I have gotten an insight of how girly emotions can make me feel so insecure that my heart feels like its going to fall out of my butt.

(Dramatic recreation)

Being pregnant is pretty messed up in general without the hormonal mood swings - everyone always talks about it being some big fat hairy spiritual time in a woman's life - which is a bunch of baloney. 

Don't get me wrong - I already love this little parasitic guy inside of me but dayum, I could do without the swollen ankles, constant nausea, superman-like sense of smell (thanks a lot guy at work who eats stinky, dirty, feet-smelling Doritos for breakfast everyday) and the constant trips to whiz.

The constant need to whiz is the worst especially when you're walking out of the bathroom having JUST whizzed and then your bladder decides :

What. A. Bastard.

And it's not droplets or anything - the second whiz always resembles the one the Hitcher from The Mighty Boosh does.

(Apparently a picture of the Hitcher peeing a "yellow cable" is too much - boourns)

I only have 3 and a half months to go and the fear is starting to set in. Especially after watching the Alien movies last night - I feel like I will be the first woman in history to give birth alla a chest bursting alien :

The only up side would be if it turns out to be like the chest bursting alien from Spaceballs - dancing and singing like a chorus girl and wearing a straw boater hat :

Bun hair or Poop hair?