Sunday, 15 June 2014

Super Happy Fun Trip to the Flinders Street Market & Pretteh Jewellery

I had the delightful pleasure of going to a session of Making in the Market yesterday - it was run by local Adelaide artist Violet Cooper and hosted by The Sunshine Van's (an art gallery store on wheels!) Rene Strohmayer.

Let me tell you - it was pretty damn fun, Violet brought a host of retro magazines, books, beads, glues, ribbons, patterned paper and other amazing supplies (including my favourite : GOOGLY EYES) so that each lucky participant could create their very own quirky collage.

This was my result :
It began with the flower arch on hologram plastic (originally it had a picture of a creepy looking doll where the wolf head is). When I found a page in a children's book titled : "Hans and Gretchen go mushrooming", I knew EXACTLY what direction I wanted to go. The googly eyed meatloaf was just gravy. Violet was amazing in imparting advise from her years of expertise which we were all glad to accept as collaging novices, all this accompanied by her always marvellously charming banter - made it a very friendly environment to get our creative on.

I was also lucky enough to obtain one of Violet's fabulous pieces that I've been eyeing for a while :
I've been driving my brother crazy this weekend by slowly bringing Doris into his field of vision and making her talk in South Park Canadian voice. . .hilarious.

After the collage fun - I looked through the market to find a fellow collagers stand named Juanita Tortilla. Her stall consists of beautifully hand made bags and jewellery - of which I made an awesome purchase :

It's named the Frog Prince because of the tiny crown-like beads and a cleverly hidden frog bead (jewellery with a story - how could I resist!): 

Speaking of jewellery, I also wanted to mention Made by Sarah - who makes quirky and colourful jewellery, stationary and home decor. She was lovely enough to give me a rockin skull bracelet for my birthday which has already been the envy of many an onlooker :

I was scared it wouldn't fit because of my big fat pregnancy wrists that are currently resembling Bratwurst Sausages - but to my delight - it fits and doesn't look like a fat guy in a little coat! Hooray! 

All this art and craft has made me want to do another exhibition. . . possibly "Hear a Picture, See a Song (Part 2)" (see Part 1 here) but considering I'm about to burst with a baby in 2 and a half months - it's not looking very likely. . . Stay tuned.