Saturday, 20 September 2014

I will love you, always . . . or until I blow you up (always video clip by Bon Jovi)

Do you remember this video clip?
It's one of those clips that is so 90s that it hurts your face like :
- A dude wearing a "raver" Cat in the hat . . .hat
- Non ironic florals and paisley dresses 
- Carla Cugino (possibly straight off her Son in Law fame) 
- Keri Russell (pre Malibu Shores and Felicity fame)
- That blond squinty eyed dude that was in everything in the 90s (since have found out his name is Jack Noteworthy) I only recognised him as a peodophile from Law and Order SVU but he's been in a whole bunch of crap.
- the "hot artist dude" (Jason Wiles) which I found familiar but only because he played another sexual predator in Law and Order SVU (is it just me or has SVU become the show where actors careers go to die?)
Mix in some vests worn as shirts and overacting and BAM - you've got this masterpiece of craptacular proportions.
Back in 1994 - I didn't even blink about how ridiculous the story is or how you can see the boom mic in that one scene (granted, in 1994 - I was 9 years old and was more focused on watching the video without my parents coming into the room right on the "raunchier scenes" as parents seem to do). Here, watch this thing if you never have or haven't in a long time :

Oh and the main guy blows Carla Cugino up in the end. . . Why does she even call him up to the artists guy's loft??? Ugh, I don't care anymore.

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