Thursday, 18 December 2014

Instagram account owners are scary as all butts

Instagram decided to do an account clean up in the last 24 hours to decrease spam accounts and what are lovingly referred to as "ghost followers" (account that are inactive and simply make up numbers).

Well. . . Some people are LOSING. THEIR. SHIT.

So this is the demented part - all the accounts they deleted were INACTIVE accounts which means that people are losing their shit over the arbitrary number that makes them feel that their account has some worth.

What kind of people are these?? There's accounts bitching about all the "hard work" and time that has gone into building their numbers or reaching their goals (😱) but. . .isually this means they're the accounts that go around asking people to follow their accounts or spam liking account until their hourly limit is reached. 

Geez, why am I here? I have 2 instagram accounts and all the followers I have on there have been through no coercion or begging on my part. If they don't want to follow my account anymore - on your way! 

The crazy thing is that before this craziness people regularly complained about how they have so many followers but hardly any of them interact. . . And here is this clean up that gets rid of accounts that don't do anything and people now can't shut the hell up about how they've lost those same voiceless followers.

The worst part - most of the above idiotic responses were written on a post that instagram put up : 

I'm too old for this shit. 

It's like being at school with a whole internet full of self obsessed assholes. 

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